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New Eastonites
The Community Life Team is very excited to welcome you into this amazing community. We encourage you to set up an appointment with the Community Life Team to learn all about your new home and get you set up with the neighborhood and the community website.

Be sure to check out all the useful information in this folder to become familiar with the processes around Easton Park.

Welcome to your new home, Eastonite!
Explorer's Guide for New Homeowners
Your complete source as a new resident of Easton Park for any and all questions.
Builder Verification Form (Pre-Closing)
Haven't moved in yet but want to be part of the future resident program? The Community Life Team needs this form to verify you are building a home - you can email it to the Community Life Ambassadors or bring it into The Union.
Builder Verification for Closed Residents
The Community Life Team requires the builder verification form to verify your residence at Easton Park, so you can gain access to amenities--you can email it to your Community Life Ambassadors or bring it to the Union.
Adding Your Address to the Map
If you've had trouble locating your address on maps, check out this handy guide for desktop and mobile adds.
Facilities Release Form
Sign this and turn in to your Community Ambassadors for a smooth visit to the amenities center!
Building Access Through Brivo
Here's a video on how to get access to The Union through the app, Brivo.