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Teffani Davis, Executive Director
(512) 641-3975 ext. 111
As Executive Director, Teffani manages community operations and focuses on fostering a positive company culture and furthering the brand promise.

Liza Salinas, Director of Operations
512-641-3975 ext. 202
As Director of Community Operations, Liza oversees all aspects of community governance and manages facility, maintenance, and landscape operations.

Paul Cardenas, Director of Community Engagement
512-641-3975 ext. 112
As Manager of Community Engagement, Paul oversees community life programs, classes, and special community-wide events, community outreach, and reservations.

Xochitl Diaz, Communications Coordinator 
512-641-3975 ext. 113
As Communications Coordinator, Xochitl ensures that residents are updated on all the exciting news and events that occur at Easton Park.   

Marlene Robles, Coordinator of Community Engagement 
512-641-3975 ext. 114
As Coordinator of Community Engagement, Marlene assists in overseeing community life programs, classes, special community-wide events, community outreach, and reservations

Chris Sandoval, Coordinator of Community Standards 
(512) 641-3975 ext. 201
As Coordinator of Community Standards, Chris oversees the review of home modifications and ensures Easton Park’s community standards are maintained.

John Larroque, Facilities Manager
512-641-3975 ext. 151
As Facilities Manager, John supervises the maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment, enhances efficiency and effectiveness of project management including facility staff, vendors, and contractors.

Community Life Ambassadors
Easton Park's Ambassadors facilitate the day-to-day operations of The Union and assist residents in utilizing Easton Park's amenities. They help the community stay connected by setting up resident portal accounts and guiding residents to Easton Park's social media pages. The Ambassador Team also oversees room and park rentals throughout the community.